How to choose a web host for your website ?

So what’s web hosting?. Web hosting is a internet hosting service that allows individuals and other organisations to host web site online and make it accessible via World Wide Web.

Every website needs a web host. There are many types of web hosting services –

1.Shared Hosting

2. VPS Hosting

3.Dedicated Hosting

4.Managed Hosting

5.WordPress Hosting

Now lets look at what are they

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting refers to a web hosting service where many sites are hosted on a single server. The server resources are shared between those sites. As a result your site will only get limited resources. If other sites on the same server that share your resources receive more visitors then your site might slow down.Shared hosting is very cheap when compared to other options. So it is highly recommended that you initially choose shared hosting and then consider upgrading when your site grows. Many web hosting providers claim unlimited storage and bandwidth. But it is never possible for any company to provide unlimited services. When your site grows and starts getting more visitors the hosting provider will ask you to upgrade to a VPS hosting or higher.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting:

1.Its really cheap.

2.It is more than enough to host a small site

3.You don’t have to worry about managing anything. Almost all shared hosting providers provide one click installs


1.The amount of resources your web site will receive varies depending on the traffic on other web sites that share the server with you.

2.You will be asked to upgrade to a higher plan once you start getting a lot of visitors.

3.You will have no root access.

VPS Web Hosting

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that is sold to you as a service by a Web Hosting provider. In Virtual Private Server hosting no other web site shares the resources with you but you still does not have a dedicated server.Your Virtual Machine is allocated some resources of its own by the Dedicated Server. So the traffic to other sites does not slow down your server.You will receive some sort of root access and will be able to install any software that you want on your server. Also you will get more CPU power and RAM compared to Shared Hosting.You will also receive more bandwidth. Your site will also load much faster.


1.Your site does not shares resources with other sites.

2.You will receive more CPU power and RAM

3.You will receive almost root access

4.Your web site will load faster and will be able to handle more traffic.

5.It is still cheap but more expensive than shared hosting


1.Does not receive as much resources or support when compared to dedicated server.

2.Still more costly than Shared Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting

In this type of hosting you are leasing an entire server not shared with anyone.You will get total control of your server and high performance.You will get full CPU and RAM. You will also receive very high bandwidth and your site will be able to handle a large number of visitors.Many Dedicated Server Hosting providers also allow you to choose your operating system of choice to install on the dedicated server.Also you are not just limited to web hosting on Dedicated Web Hosting, you can even easily install and setup a Minecraft server.You will receive full root access on a Dedicated Server.


1.All advantages of Virtual Private Server


3.High bandwidth

4.Full Root Access

5.Some hosts allow you to choose the operating system also


1.Very Expensive

2.You have somethings to learn on how to manage the server (some web hosts offer a managed dedicated server for higher price).

Managed Web Hosting

Well if you don’t want to waste your time setting up your website and maintaining it then you can have your web hosting company do that for you.That’s called managed web hosting. Its comparatively more expensive.


1.You don’t have to worry about managing your site or hiring someone to do that.

2.Your hosting company will troubleshoot and solve all errors for you

3.You don’t have to worry about backups or software upgrades

4.Your hosting provider will monitor your server 24/7 for any errors and fix them



WordPress Hosting

Due to the high popularity of WordPress,many hosting companies have started WordPress Hosting services. They are comparatively more expensive than your average hosting but they provide a lot of cool features and have a lot of advantages. Most bloggers use WordPress. These WordPress hosting services are specially optimized for WordPress sites.


1.Your site loads much faster since the servers are optimized for WordPress

2.They provide advanced automatic caching solutions

3.Most have built-in CDN

4.Most also provide well optimized SEO friendly themes

5.Excellent customer support.(The customer support staff will be a WordPress developer or a person who has high knowledge and experience in WordPress)

6.You don’t have to worry about backups or software upgrades.

7.They provide high security for your site



2.You may have less control over your site.


We can’t say that one type of web hosting is better than the other.It all depends upon your needs.If your site is new and does not have a lot of visitors then shared hosting will be enough for you.

If your site has a good number of visitors and you need more control then VPS hosting will be good for you.

If your site has a lot of visitors then you will need Dedicated Hosting.

If your site has a lot of visitors and uses WordPress then you should consider WordPress Hosting. WordPress Hosting works best with WordPress as they are specially optimized for WordPress.

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3 thoughts on “How to choose a web host for your website ?

  • Good article.
    How much data will I be able to store on a shared hosting package that claims to give unlimited disk space?

    • It depends on your web hosting provider. Generally it is enough to store a medium web site. But if you are planning to add videos and lots of high quality images it will not be enough.

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